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We just started an affiliate program with a company that carries some really awesome German tools.
Click here to view some high quality tools:  KC Tool

KC Tool is Americas #1 German Tool Distributer carrying Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Felo, Stahlwille, NWS, Gedore, Stabila and many more.

We are also testing out an Amazon Affiliate Program in which we will receive a commission on the sale of any products through one of our links on this website, our Youtube Channel or from our Amazon Storefront.

We have just started our Amazon Storefront with individual lists featuring the tools and materials we used for a specific build, project or experiment.  One link to take a viewer to an Amazon List featuring everything required to duplicate the project.  Example, the Amazon List “Electronic Project List Material” contains most of the items used in our electronics projects.  This has been strongly requested on my Youtube Channel.

So please check out our Amazon page at:

Let us know if you have any suggestions or even items we should add.



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