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I am testing out an Amazon Affiliate Program (and now other affiliates) in which I will receive a commission on the sale of any products through one of the links on this website, the Youtube Channel or from the Amazon Storefront.  

I also created an Amazon Storefront with individual lists featuring the tools and materials used for a specific build, project or experiment.  One link to take a viewer to an Amazon List featuring everything required to duplicate the project.  Example, the Amazon List “Electronic Project List Material” contains most of the items used in our electronics projects.  This has been strongly requested on my Youtube Channel.

So please check out my Amazon page at:

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There is no T in I.
I need a graphic artist to come up with a cool logo for the site and YouTube Channel.

My Story

No good stories here, or at least I am not a very good story teller.
Perhaps I can pay someone or use AI to write some pretentious drivel like “I like to get caught in the rain, my greatest fear is unfulfilled potential and I am just now trying to discover what to do with it all”.

If your ‘greatest fear is unfulfilled potential” then you live an extremely privileged life and are out of touch with the reality most people live in. I won’t subject my audience to such nonsense on this website.

I have done some cool things, invented some cool things and have a wealth of cool ideas but not enough time & resources to realize them all.

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If you have a question about a project or tutorial, ask in the Comment Section of the web post or YouTube video and not by email.  That way the answer can help people with the same question and keep me from responding to duplicate emails.

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