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KC Tool: A Supplier of Quality German Tools

German Tools KC Tool

  While searching online for the best prices on tools and Black Friday Tool Sales I stumbled upon the German Tool Supplier KC Tool which had some incredible tool sales going on.  After making a large tool purchase taking advantage of the Black Friday tool sales I emailed KC Tool and inquired about any incentive…

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Wire Stripping & Connector Crimping Tools for DC Bus Balance Taps

Wire Stripping and Crimping Insulated Ring Terminals & Quick Disconnect Terminals for Capacitor Bank Balance Resistors Using Knipex self adjusting Wire Strippers and a Full Cycle Ratchet Crimping Tool to crimp Insulated Ring Terminals and Female Quick Disconnects to 10 awg copper wire to make up several DC bus capacitor bank balance resister taps. At…

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SMARTER not Harder! Industrial Cargo Tricycles & Scooters

In Search of the Best Industrial Cargo Tricycles & Scooters   After working a few days at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Ga and lugging around a heavy tool bag and walking what seemed like miles I realized the need for a cargo trike or scooter.     A theory exists that the easier…

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Elevator Machine Room Utility Cart For Modernization Dept (IUEC)

Elevator Machine Room Utility Cart – Luxor STC111 Three Shelves Tub Cart While in the Elevator Modernization Department I primarily used Luxor 4 wheel swivel (4 wheel steering) Utility Carts as see in the videos below. Once you use a 4 wheel swivel cart you won’t want go back to two wheel steering rubbermaid carts.…

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Multifunction Transistor Tester Mega328 – 1.8″ LCD Display – First Look & Test

  This Multifunction Transistor Tester is pretty cool and handy. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: First Look and Test of a 1.8″ LCD Display Multifunction Transistor Tester Electronics Component Identifier with Mega328 purchased on amazon   This is sold under different brand names such as Drok and Kuman.     Aslo see this…

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Inexpensive All-In-One Electronic Component Tester LCR Meter

Have you seen this All-In-One Electronic Component Tester LCR Meter Kit Mega328? . Inexpensive Kuman Multifunction Meter DIY Kit tester from Amazon: . Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   The beginning of the video had to be cut out because it was out of focus. Emily and I are…

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Storage Solutions for Service Vehicles (Organizers & Bins)

Service Van Pull Out Shelving System – Organizers & Storage A Quick Look at my new Service Van with Pull Out Shelves and Organizer Bins. I’m open to organization ideas, let me know if you have any good ones. We dont get any input on how the Service Vehicles are set up but we can…

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How To Build a Magnetic Laptop Shelf – Simple Inexpensive DIY (V1R1)

How To Build a simple inexpensive portable DIY magnetic laptop computer shelf or laptop work station. This prototype magnetic shelf was designed and built to be light and compact for easy transport for field use in the elevator industry (IUEC). Elevator Tools. Below I have listed the material used in these builds and added our…

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