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Tool Bag Unload

What’s in the Tool Bag? 2022

June 30, 2022

A question I am repeatedly asked is “what’s in the your tool bag”.I will go over the contents of my 3 main work bags, each set up for anticipated level of work. The 3 Categories of bags are:Work Bag: Veto MC for service dept. or open order (Veto LC for modernization dept.)Service Call Bag: Maxpedition…

Crosshead Work Board

Magnetic Crosshead Work Boards

May 14, 2022

Easy to build DIY Portable Magnetic Elevator Crosshead Work Boards. In this post I go over the Steps, Material & Tools used to creat this portable magnetic work surface. I also explain the choice of materials, some of the unique features, how & why I use it. Page 1: Overview, Material List & InstructionsPage 2:…

Is Motorhome Life Tiny Home Big Living?

May 4, 2022

Living full time in an RV Motorhome. From large house to RV motorhome, Tiny Home Big Living? Not so much.

Street Bike Motorcycles

Motorcycle content coming soon!

July 5, 2021

New Motorcycles & Motorcycle Content coming soon!

2022 Honda Grom learner & adventure bike.

2021 Yamaha MT03 small displacement commuter bike

2021 Yamaha MT-07 Hyper Naked Street Bike

Upgrades, Gear & Motorcycle vlog content coming soon!

Phase Rotation Meter

Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester

January 4, 2021

This video is part of a larger future series on electric motors and testing but a co-worker needed this tomorrow (2021_01_05) so I shot this quick video on how to use 3-ph Motor Rotation Meter and identify unmarked leads on a 3-Phase 2-Speed Electric Motor Video instruction on how to use a Phase Sequence and…

Pyraminx Tutorial

How To Solve a Pyraminx: Beginner & Intermediate Methods

October 23, 2020

Pyraminx Tutorial.

Want to learn the Easiest Method to Solve a Pyraminx?

Learn and “Understand” how to solve the Pyraminx on your own with this intuitive, logic driven full Pyraminx Class.

Learn to Solve a Pyraminx So Easy a 3 Year Old Can Do It!


DIY Compact Portable Magnetic Laptop Shelf Build Instructions

August 30, 2020

This DIY Compact Portable Magnetic Laptop Shelf (Magnetic Utility Shelf Computer Workstation) was designed to be light and compact for easy transport and use in the elevator industry (IUEC). I use this Portable Laptop Shelf also as a Utility Shelf to hold prints, manuals. When troubleshooting an elevator I don’t need the extra aggravation of…

MacBook Pro Editing Setup Minimalistic

Video Editing Workstation Build

July 25, 2020

DIY Custom Standing Desk Video Editing Workstation & Video Filming Studio.

I explain some of the unique features of this Video Editing Setup and how I also use it as a Video Filming Studio for YouTube video.

totalElement my new Magnet Supplier

May 6, 2020

While searching for very specific magnets for my diy Ultra-Portable Magnetic Laptop Shelf (see video below) I found the Company totalElement had exactly what I wanted at the lowest price. I placed the order and within two days the magnets were on my doorstep. Shipping is free for orders over $10. Get 10% off using…