How To Solve a Megaminx Layer by Layer Tutorial

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Solve Megaminx Layer

Megaminx Video Tutorial Layer by Layer Method

Megaminx Layer by Layer Video Tutorial

*Note I have in depth dedicated Megaminx Last Layer Video & Post (more at bottom)
Megaminx Last Layer Full Comprehensive Tutorial:
Megaminx Last Layer In Depth Web Post

Solve Megaminx

Understanding the Megaminx
12 Centers
12 Sides
12 Distinct Colors (*some have 6 colors)

Solve Megaminx Layers
Solve Megaminx F2L S2L
Megaminx Tutorial
Megaminx LL Gray Star
Megaminx EO Cases
Megaminx Last Layer EP

(Abr.) Megaminx Beginner Method:
Megaminx Last Layer Video Tutorial:

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