How To Solve a Megaminx: So Easy a… Beginner Method. Step by Step Tutorial

Easiest Megaminx Last Layer Beginner Method Tutorial

Content coming soon. In the meantime see Megaminx Last Layer Full Comprehensive Tutorial Video. 4 Steps, only 3 Algorithms.

See Megaminx giveaway details below for this Megaminx Last Layer Beginner Method Tutorial Video.

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Megaminx Last Layer Beginner Tutorial

Solve the Megaminx Last Layer in 4 steps

Step 1) [EO] Orient the Edges forming the Gray Star

Step 2) [CO] Orient the Corners to get all the Grays facing up

Step 3) [EP] Permute the Edges by positioning them in the correct location 

Step 4) [CP] Permute the Corners by placing them in the correct location

Megaminx Algorithms:

EO Edge Orientation – F R U R’ U’ F’

CO Corner Orientation – R’ D’ R D 

EP Edge Permutation – R2 U2 R2’ U R2 U2 R2’

CP Corner Permutation – R’ D’ R  –  R’ D R  (for reference but just use logic)

Nomenclature / Terms:

EO:  Edge Orientation  

CO:  Corner Orientation  

EP:  Edge Permutation  

CP:  Corner Permutation  

Arrow:  EO Case 1

12/0/9:  EO Case 2

0:  Zero – EO Case3

12/6:  2 Edges at 12 o’clock & 6 o’clock (EP Case 1)

2AE:  2 Adjacent Edges (EP Case 2)

1E:  1 Edge (EP Case 3)

S#:  Step #  (example S1 = Step 1)

C#:  Case #  (example C1 = Case 1)

BM:  Beginner Method

IM:  Intermediate Method

LL:  Last Layer

CW:  Clockwise

CCW:  Counter Clockwise (Anti Clockwise)

TS:  Troubleshoot

PSA:  Public Service Announcement 

Solve Megaminx Last Layer in 4 Steps

4 Look LL  (Four Look Last Layer)

2 Look OLL  (Two Look Orient Last Layer)

2 Look PLL  (Two Look Permute Last Layer)

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Megaminx Beginner Method
Megaminx LL in 4 Steps
Megaminx Intermediate Method

This Megaminx Tutorial is a full comprehensive guide teaching you the fundamentals and concepts required for you to understand how to Solve the Megaminx Last Layer.  For a shorter Tutorial just demonstrating the steps see “Megaminx Last Layer: 4 Easy Steps RECAP”

Solve the Megaminx Last Layer in 4 steps.
Step 1) [EO] Orient the Edges forming the Gray Star
Step 2) [CO] Orient the Corners to get all the Grays facing up
Step 3) [EP] Permute the Edges by positioning them in the correct location 
Step 4) [CP] Permute the Corners by placing them in the correct location

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  1. WPKevinG on February 20, 2020 at 12:08 am

    Megaminx Free Give Away. See YouTube Video Tutorial for giveaway details.
    USA shipping only for now until I can get a manufacturer to offer coupon code for international orders.

  2. Kate Middleton on January 16, 2021 at 9:33 am

    Hi Kevin,

    I got a Megaminx this week and am very excited to start to learn how to solve it.

    I used the instructions that came with it to get me to the last layer, but their instruction on that were really poor. I then found your video and really related to it, as I want to be able to learn to solve the puzzle intuitively and not just learning by rote.

    In your video you refer to a beginners megaminx tutorial and there is a picture of it on your website. However the link always takes me to the last layer tutorial!

    Can you post the link to the first beginners tutorial please?

    Best wishes,


    • Kevin Gittemeier on January 16, 2021 at 2:03 pm

      Thank you,
      The Beginner Method pictured was not completed, see below.
      I will be doing a Megaminx solve walkthrough video showing my beginner method on a stickerless GAN next tutorial (this week hopefully).

      I didn’t complete the Beginner Method Megaminx Tutorial because the Gray top stickers were hard to distinguish from the black plastic and didn’t show well on video. Also these cheap cubes didn’t turn well and were difficult to demonstrate on for the tutorial.

      All the stickered Megaminxs where purchased in full by me with the hope that the video revenue would pay for them.

      I decided to try white Megaminx’s but due to the initial cost I only purchased enough to do the Last Layer Tutorial and once that video earned enough I would purchase more and complete the Beginner Method Tutorial with white Megaminxs.

      Unfortunately the tutorial is not earning enough to purchase any new Megaminxs so I will do a walkthrough solve on the GAN Megaminx.

      The first puzzle tutorial I did “How to Solve Rubik’s Cube…” was successful but with changes in YouTube’s algorithms and increased competition, unfortunately none of the other tutorials have been successful. Some have been flagged and restricted as ‘inappropriate” etc. Youtube would later fix the issues but once that happens the video is already in the trash bin and won’t get recommended.

      So from here on out, it will probably just be shorter tutorials (not full comprehensive) until I can figure out YouTube’s algorithm and get better performance on the videos.

      Subscriptions, Likes, Comments and Shares go a long way to support the channel and give me negotiation with companies to donate towards a tutorial.

      I will post a link here to the Megaminx walkthrough solve video once I complete it.

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