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totalElement is my magnet supplier and their magnets can be seen in many of my builds and science projects. totalElement offers great prices, fast shipping and excellent customers service.

Pyraminx Sponsor

Speed Cube Shop offers a wide variety of Rubik’s style puzzles at great prices with fast shipping and excellent customer service. Keep a look out for my SCS gift card giveaways with tutorials!
Puzzles I have Tutorials for: 2×2, 3×3, Pyraminx, Megaminx, Skewb & More

Links to specific Puzzles I use here:

Shop Magnets on Sale at totalElement

Many of the products seen in my Videos, Projects and Web Posts can be found on my Amazon Storefront

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Stockpile 3-Drawer File Cabinet Buy Here
Stockpile 2-Drawer File Cabinet Buy Here
BenQ ScreenBar LED Monitor Light Buy Here    

Video Editing Workstation Build & Material Web Post

Olympia Folding Collapsible Cart 50 lb cap. Buy Here
Olympia Folding Collapsible Cart XL 300 lb Buy Here

Wera Kraftform Kompakt Screwdriver 33 Buy Here
Wera Kraftform Kompakt Screwdriver 25 Buy Here

Veto Pro Pac TECH-MC Tool Bag Buy Here
Veto Pro PacMB Tool Pouch Buy Here
Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger Buy Here

Luxor Tub Cart STC122 Buy Here
Luxor Flat Top Cart STC211 Buy Here
Luxor Carts Shop Here

Knipex Automatice Wire Stripper Buy Here
Knipex Tool Store Visit

Ratcheting Terminal Crimp Kit Buy Here
Engineers Precision Crimping Pliers PA-09 Buy Here
Adjustable Cable Tie Gun Buy Here

Knipex 10” Pliers Wrench Buy Here
Plier wrenches are great for bending and straightening metal (elevator floor vanes) and removing escalator steps due to the ratcheting action of plier wrenches. For escalators or repeated heavy use you will want the comfort grip handle plier wrenches, especially in greasy conditions because the comfort grips have more grip.

GEDORE 10” Pliers Wrench Buy Here
Video coming soon comparing the Gedore and Knipex plier wrenches on escalator steps and used to straighten floor vanes. The Gedore 10″ plier wrench jaws open a little wider than the Knipex 10″ plier wrenches if that is a factor to you.

Premium Clear Front Report Covers Buy Here
DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter Buy Here

WAGO 221 Lever Nuts Wire Connectors Buy Here
WAGO 221 Lever Nuts 175pc Assortment Buy Here
Inline Splice Lever Nuts 90pc Assortment Buy Here

Seahorse SE-300 Protective Case Buy Here
Seahorse Protective Cases Shop Here

Banana Plug to Aligator Clip Test Probe Buy Here
Banana Plug to Banan Plug Test Lead Buy Here

0-120VDC Variable Bench Power Supply Buy Here
Shimpo Handheld Tachometer Buy Here

The UtiliShelf Magnetic Portable Shelf Buy Here
Magbench Workstation Utility Shelf Buy Here
The OmniShelf Computer Workstation Buy Here

Below is my Laptop Shelf design, not the commercially available ones above.

Full Build Instructions and Material List here:

Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester Buy Here
Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester Web Post

General Tools & Material:
Engineer Inc IC Extractor IC 8-42 Pins Buy Here
PLCC IC Chip Extraction Tool Buy Here
Wiha Precision Chip Lifter Shop Here
AMP IC & Component Extraction Tool Buy Here

Amp MTA-100 Connector Insertion Tool Buy Here

ESD Anti-Static Mat Kit Buy Here
Soldering Mat Buy Here
Solder Sucker & Desoldering Wick Buy Here
PCB Mount Insulated Standoffs Shop Here

Hakko CHP-170 Micro Cutter Buy Here

StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripper Buy Here

Moody Tools 58-0390 Precision Screwdriver Set Buy Here
Wiha Tools 26090 Precision Screwdriver Set Buy Here
Wiha Tool Store Shop Here
Molex Store Shop Here

80Pcs pin Terminal Extractor Kit Buy Here  

Elevator Tools & Material:
CR2430 DMC Batteries Buy Here
Stabilant 22 Contact Enhancer Buy Here
Probe Pick Spudger with Hook Buy Here
Orange Stick Peeler (cheaper) Buy Here
Rubrite Cleaing Stone Shop Here
Jonard Burnisher Contact Cleaner Shop Here
3M Utility Cloth Sanding Roll 100-400 Grit Buy Here
Pocket Diameter Tape Measure Buy Here
Door Pressure Gauge Buy Here
Dow Corning 340 Heat Sink Compound Buy Here
Oxide-Inhibiting Compound Penetrox A Buy Here

Casio G-Shock Watch Buy Here
Klein bottle Buy Here
Diamagnetic Levitation Shop Here
Magnetic Field Viewers Shop Here
Ferrofluid Shop Here
Sterling Engines Shop Here
Pro Boat RC Boats Shop Here
Traxxas E-Revo Brushless RC Buy Here
Kings Wild 5 Deck Lucite Card Case Buy Here

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