Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester

This video is part of a larger future series on electric motors and testing but a co-worker needed this tomorrow (2021_01_05) so I shot this quick video on how to use 3-ph Motor Rotation Meter and identify unmarked leads on a 3-Phase 2-Speed Electric Motor

Video instruction on how to use a Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester on a Single Speed 3-Phase Electric Motor.

Video instruction on how to use a Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester on a 2-Speed 3-Phase Electric Motor.

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Peelle 2 Speed 3-Phase Motor

In this case we have two speeds which would normally be 6 wires but both  speeds share a common wire so in our case its 5 wires.
1 Yellow motor wire common to both Low & High Speeds
2 Black motor wires for Low Speed
2 Red motor wires for High Speed

So what’s the problem?  Black for Low and Red for High.

Well we don’t actually know which way the motor will turn.  We just wire it up and if it’s the wrong direction swap any 2 motor wires (in this case swap Reds or Blacks but not Yellow because its shared).

On a 2-speed motor since there is no wire identification between the 2 Red motor wires or the 2 Black motor wires, it’s a 50/50 shot that they will both turn the same direction.  The motor could start turning clockwise then when the other speed picks up change direction and potentially cause damage. 

By using the Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester to identify and label the motor wires we can insure both speeds with turn the same direction.

Bonus question.  Do we know what that direction will be with a given circuit?  Can we use this Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester to figure that out?  If anyone can can correctly answer that and explain the answer I will enter them in a giveaway for one of my Portable Laptop/Utility Shelves:

Peelle Motor Wiring Diagram
Peelle Gate Motor P/N 25472

Instructions to identify unmarked motor leads on Peelle series 2547 operators, 3-Phase 2-Speed Electric Motor.

You have 5 wires
Yellow is Common to both High and Low Speeds
2 Black wires for Low 
2 Red wires for High

Although you can land any color rotation meter leads to motor wires so long as you stay consistent from Low to High, for simplicity just do as I list below.
– Put the Green Meter Lead to Yellow Motor wire
– Red (M1) Meter Lead to any Red Motor wire then
– Blue (M3) Meter lead to the other Red Motor wire.  
Turn Motor CW and if CW LED lights up label the motor wires respectively Red and Blue or M1 and M3 to match Rotation Tester leads.  If CCW LED lights up label the motors wires opposite of Phase Rotation Tester leads.

Do the same for the Black wires and that way when powered up and running the motor won’t try to reverse direction when changing speeds.  Both speeds will be going the same direction even if direction is wrong.  

If directions is wrong swap both Red motor wires with each other and swap both Black motor wires with each other.

Amprobe PRM-4 Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester

Newer Version – Amprobe PRM-6 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester:

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Peelle Gate Motor
Peelle M/R Gate Motors 25472
Peelle Motor Wiring Diagram
Peelle Door Motor Control Wiring Diagram

More motors to come. This was just a quick post because somebody needed the info at work tomorrow (2021_01_05).

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