Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Tester

Phase Rotation Meter

This video is part of a larger future series on electric motors and testing but a co-worker needed this tomorrow (2021_01_05) so I shot this quick video on how to use 3-ph Motor Rotation Meter and identify unmarked leads on a 3-Phase 2-Speed Electric Motor Video instruction on how to use a Phase Sequence and…

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SCR Powerblock Tester Circuit Diagram with iCircuit Circuit Simulator

Diagram of the SCR Powerblock Tester I designed and built. Designed and tested with iCircuit on an iPad. Note: not show in the schematic but the actual tester has two amp panels for current readout see video here¬† Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Check out these handy Electronics Test Equipment…

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SCR Tester – Homemade DIY SCR Powerblock Tester

Here we take a look at an SCR Tester we built to test large power block SCR which required more current than commercially available small testers could provide. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   This prototype SCR Testing device tests the Gate Trigger Current (IGT), Latching Current (IL) and Holding…

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