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Electronics Science Projects Experiments & Inventions

Radio Control (RC)

Running a Hard Drive Motor (BLDC) with an ESC

Running an old Brushless DC (BLDC) Hard Drive Motor with a ESC, RC electronic speed control. These are decades old hard drives with large aluminum platers that I have been meaning to spin up for years to do some magnetic projects. I have larger older 2 GB server drives I plan to spin up next…

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Proboat Miss Geico 24 Brushless Upgrade

Best Value RTR RC Boat Brushless Upgrade, $200 total. Purchased MG 24 RTR RC Boat NIB for less than $100 on Ebay and have about $100 in motor/esc. $200 total cost for a brushless beast not including LiPo battery. 1st runs, Proboat Miss Geico 24″ RTR RC boat upgraded from 15T 2200kv brushed DC to…

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Proboat Blackjack 9 on LiPo

Proboat Blackjack 9 slightly modified to fit a LiPo battery which increased its performance from a huge disappointment (old/bad battery out of the box) to a blast. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:     Check out some RC boats, BLDC motors & LiPos on my Amazon Affiliate links: Proboat Miss…

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Flying 2 Syma S107G RC Helicopters Outside

Flying two inexpensive Syma S107G RC Helicopters outside with sun interference. A very easy to fly fun beginner RC Helicopter.  If it goes in a lake or ends up in a gutter, its Ok because the was so inexpensive! Purchased from Amazon here Amazon Affiliate Link Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:…

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E-Revo Built To Last! Brushless 4WD RC Car

The Traxxas E-Revo VLX is Built Tough and made for Bashing Running Two Traxxas E-Revo 1/16 Brushless RC Cars. Great RTR RC Car, Fast & Durable.   The items seen in this video can be purchased here at our amazon affiliate links: GT Power RC LED Kit: Traxxas E-Revo Blushless Monstrer Truck:  …

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“The Girl Who Crashes Boats”

“The Girl Who Crashes Boats” The Girl Who Crashes Boats iMovie Trailer, Emily Gittemeier driving Proboat Miss Geico 24 moded Brushless RC Boat. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Check out these Amazon Affiliate links for many of the products seen in the videos: Brushless BLDC RC Boats: LiPo Chargers: LiPo Battery…

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