Proboat Miss Geico 24 Brushless Upgrade

Best Value RTR RC Boat Brushless Upgrade, $200 total. Purchased MG 24 RTR RC Boat NIB for less than $100 on Ebay and have about $100 in motor/esc. $200 total cost for a brushless beast not including LiPo battery. 1st runs, Proboat Miss Geico 24″ RTR RC boat upgraded from 15T 2200kv brushed DC to 3,500kv Brushless. Running on Venom 2S 5A 30C LiPo. 5 Minutes upside down after flip @ 3:15 mark. 20+ minute runs, motor and esc run cool (Brushed ran hot on LiPo). See video for build pics, specs and details. Needs adjusting for hop and an upgraded rudder and drive to handle the increased power and RPM. Likely will use the following MG 29 parts: PRB4105 Strut and Mounts PRB4106 Rudder Will try 3S after strut, mounts & rudder upgrade .

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Proboat Miss Gieco 29 BL:
Water Cooled BLDC Motor:

Venom LiPo Battery:


Stock Proboat Miss Geico 24″ on LiPo – Fast

Proboat Miss Geico 24″ on Venom 2S 5A 30C lipo. Boat crawls on stock nimh 2400mah but flies on lipo. Ran 20 minutes and still had 7.6 volts left. Its pretty fast but the kids are going to upgrade this to brushless. $100 for the RTR RC boat NIB, $50 for the Lipo – great value RTR RC boat.

Proboat 24″ Brushed DC

Boat Specs: RC Motor Size: 550-size 15T Brushed Water-Cooled Beam: 8.75 inches.  RC Hull Type: Catamaran.  Radio: Pro Boat 2.4GHz Marine Radio System Speed Control.   50-Amp Brushed Length: 25 in Hull RC Boat

Proboat Miss Geico 17 NiMH/LiPo Comparison

Dynamite 1200mah NiMH & Traxxas 2200mah LiPo performance comparison. LiPo was a little faster but had much better run times. The motor & ESC temps reached 140 deg F on LiPo though. This will soon be upgraded brushless, motor options at end of video.


Amp Draws Proboat Miss Geico 24 BL, Miss Geico 17, & Shockwave 26 BL HobbyKing HK-010 Power Analyzer

Here are links to some of the RC test equipment seen in the videos:HobbyKing HK-010 Wattmeter & Voltage Analyzer:
Venom Low Voltage LiPo Monitor:
RC CellMeter-7 Battery Capacity Checker:

*See end of video for notes and details* Hobby King HK-010 Power Analyzer Amp Draw data Proboat Miss Geico 24 Brushless Upgrade, Miss Geico 17, & Shockwave 26 Brushless for pending battery and motor upgrades. Miss Geico 24 BL soon to have two 3S 4A LiPos in parallel for 8,000mah at 11.1V. Shockwave 26 will get 3S before changing motor from 1500KV to something faster. Miss Geico 17 Brushed 380 soon to be Brushless. Note video mistakenly notes MG 17 has a 180 sized motor, Its a 380. 180 is on the Proboat Blackjack 9 that we are upgrading to brushless.


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