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Wire Stripping & Connector Crimping Tools for DC Bus Balance Taps

Wire Stripping and Crimping Insulated Ring Terminals & Quick Disconnect Terminals for Capacitor Bank Balance Resistors Using Knipex self adjusting Wire Strippers and a Full Cycle Ratchet Crimping Tool to crimp Insulated Ring Terminals and Female Quick Disconnects to 10 awg copper wire to make up several DC bus capacitor bank balance resister taps. At…

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Multifunction Transistor Tester Mega328 – 1.8″ LCD Display – First Look & Test

  This Multifunction Transistor Tester is pretty cool and handy. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: First Look and Test of a 1.8″ LCD Display Multifunction Transistor Tester Electronics Component Identifier with Mega328 purchased on amazon   This is sold under different brand names such as Drok and Kuman.     Aslo see this…

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Inexpensive All-In-One Electronic Component Tester LCR Meter

Have you seen this All-In-One Electronic Component Tester LCR Meter Kit Mega328? . Inexpensive Kuman Multifunction Meter DIY Kit tester from Amazon: . Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   The beginning of the video had to be cut out because it was out of focus. Emily and I are…

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Simple Inexpensive DIY Magnetic Polarity Tester

Magnetic Tester Hall Effect Sensor DIY battery powered Magnet Pole Tester. Detect the North and South Poles of a magnet. I lost the AMY6 Magnet Tester I purchased on Amazon so I decided to just build one. A circuit diagram is in the video.   If you don’t want to build your own Magnet Polarity…

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IPM IGBT Gate Junction & Diode Quick Test with Meter

A short video on a Quick Test; How To Test an IGBT with a Digital Multimeter DMM. Testing the gate junction and freewheel diode of a Powerex 6 pack IMP IGBT Module. For test with full explanation click here: IPM IGBT Test with Explanation Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:  …

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IPM IGBT Dual Pack Quick Test Meter Diode & Resistance Mode

A quick video on how to test the Freewheel Diodes on IPM IGBTs with a Meter DMM Digital Multimeter. For an in depth explanation of the test and how to test the Gate Junctions see our video on IPM IGBT Test Explained here: IMP IGBT Test & Explanation Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:…

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How to Test IPM IGBT Diode & Gate Junction with DMM – 6 Pack Powerex PM150CVA120

Explanation on How to Test the Diode and Gate Junction of a 6 Pack IPM IGBT with a DMM Digital Multi Meter with IPM IGBT Schematic – Powerex PM150CVA120. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   IGBT IPM Intelligent Power Module Diode and Junction Test Procedure using a DMM. Single Pack…

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How to Test IGBT Bricks – DMM Test & Lamp Test

How to Test IGBT Brick Modules with a Multimeter (DMM) and test IGBTs with a Lamp & Battery. IGBT Test with the Digital Multimeter is useful when the IGBT module cannot easily be removed or isolated. Lamp & Battery test for when the IGBT can be removed or isolated. See end of video for diagrams.…

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SCR Powerblock Tester Circuit Diagram with iCircuit Circuit Simulator

Diagram of the SCR Powerblock Tester I designed and built. Designed and tested with iCircuit on an iPad. Note: not show in the schematic but the actual tester has two amp panels for current readout see video here Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   Check out these handy Electronics Test…

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