Multifunction Transistor Tester Mega328 – 1.8″ LCD Display – First Look & Test

This Multifunction Transistor Tester is pretty cool and handy.

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First Look and Test of a 1.8″ LCD Display Multifunction Transistor Tester Electronics Component Identifier with Mega328 purchased on amazon   This is sold under different brand names such as Drok and Kuman.

Aslo see this less expensive Kuman Multifunction Meter DIY Kit tester:


All-In-One Electronic Component Tester LCR Meter Kit Mega328

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How To: Assemble All-In-One Electronic Component Tester Acrylic Housing

Product specs:

DROK 1.8″ LCD Multifunction Transistor Tester, This multifunctional tester can be used to test triode, field-effect tube(FET), diode, resistor, capacitor, inductor, MOS, SCR, which is available for various electric transistor testing. Mega328 NPN/PNP Automatic Identified Diode Resistor Inductor Capacitor  MOS SCR ESR Meter Checker Detector, 12864 TFT Color LCD Digital Display

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