How to Test IGBT Bricks – DMM Test & Lamp Test

How to Test IGBT Brick Modules with a Multimeter (DMM) and test IGBTs with a Lamp & Battery.

IGBT Test with the Digital Multimeter is useful when the IGBT module cannot easily be removed or isolated. Lamp & Battery test for when the IGBT can be removed or isolated. See end of video for diagrams.

These IGBT Bricks came from a failed elevator drive see video here:

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IGBT Battery Lamp Test:

– Wire lamp in series with 12v battery and IGBT polarity respective.

– Negative of battery to E, Positive of battery to lamp, other side of lamp to C.

– Touch positive of battery and gate to turn on.

– Touch negative of battery and gate to turn off.

* Note touch battery first as IBGTs are ESD sensitive and can be damaged.


IGBT Digital Multimeter (DMM) Test Procedure:

Collector-Emitter Junction test:

– With the module out of circuit remove the conductive foam and short the gate to emitter.

– With DMM in diode check mode, the collector to emitter should give a normal diode reading with positive on the emitter and negative on the collector.

– The DMM should read open or infinite with positive on the collector and negative on the emitter. Damaged IGBTs may test as shorted in both positive and negative directions, open in both directions, or resistive in both directions.

– Gate test: With the DMM in resistance mode the resistance from gate to collector and gate to emitter should read infinite on a good device. A damaged device may be shorted or have resistive leakage from gate to collector and/or emitter.

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