How To Solve a Megaminx Layer by Layer Tutorial

Solve Megaminx Layer

More content coming soonneed to transfer info form docs typed up in free time. Megaminx Video Tutorial Layer by Layer Method *Note I have in depth dedicated Megaminx Last Layer Video & Post (more at bottom)Megaminx Last Layer Full Comprehensive Tutorial: Megaminx Last Layer In Depth Web Post Understanding the Megaminx12 Centers12 Sides12 Distinct…

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Solving Rubik’s Cube Parity

4x4 Parity

In this Rubik’s Cube Parity guide with video tutorial, we learn how to solve OLL and PLL Parity on the 4×4 Cube and Parity on the 5×5 Cube. But what about parity on 3×3 Cube? See bottom of post.This post is still under construction and more info, diagrams and video will be added. If you…

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How To Solve a Skewb: Easy Beginner Method using Logic

Solve Skewb Step by Step

In this Skewb solution guide with Skewb Video Tutorial we learn to solve the Skewb in 4 easy steps using logic and critical thinking.  This is a comprehensive Step by Step guide to learn to solve the Skewb Puzzle Cube. Page 1:  Skewb Beginner Method Page 2:  PSA on Learning, Practice & UnderstandingPage 3:  Rubik’s Puzzle…

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How To Solve a Pyraminx: Beginner & Intermediate Methods

Pyraminx Tutorial

Pyraminx Tutorial.

Want to learn the Easiest Method to Solve a Pyraminx?

Learn and “Understand” how to solve the Pyraminx on your own with this intuitive, logic driven full Pyraminx Class.

Learn to Solve a Pyraminx So Easy a 3 Year Old Can Do It!

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Klein Bottle & Rubik’s Cube Illusion: 4D, 3D or 2D???

Klein Bottle & Rubik’s Cube Illusion: 4D, 3D or 2D??? I am starting to develop trust issues now!What’s real, what’s not, are we in 4D, 3D or 2D?Its all so very confusing. 4D Klein in the 3D world, 3D Rubik’s in 2D, what is going on here?  Starting to question reality. Idea for this illusion…

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3 Year Old Emily Gittemeier Solves Rubik’s Cube

Way back in 2008 at 3 years old Emily Gittemeier solved the Rubik’s Cube.  She had been practicing for weeks before solving it for the first time right before this video was shot.  This video was the second time she solved it.   OK we don’t own one of these and have never even seen…

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3 Year Old Solves Rubik’s Cube 2×2

3 Year old Emily Gittemeier solves the Rubik’s Cube 2×2. (2008)   Emily Gittemeier solves Rubik’s 2×2 and she beat both her older brothers for the fastest time. She averages about 30 seconds but got a lucky skip this time, note the surprised reaction when she sees that its fully solved!   OK we don’t…

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