How To Solve a Skewb: Easy Beginner Method using Logic

In this Skewb solution guide with Skewb Video Tutorial we learn to solve the Skewb in 4 easy steps using logic and critical thinking.  This is a comprehensive Step by Step guide to learn to solve the Skewb Puzzle Cube.

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Solve Skewb Step by Step

How To Solve a Skewb Video Tutorial

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Understanding the Skewb

First we need to understand that the Skewb has 6 sides of different colors determined by the matching Bottom and Top Corner Pieces.  Unlike a Rubik’s 3×3 ,the Centers on a Skewb are not in a fixed position, they can be moved around.   For the most part the colors are standardized and with White on the Bottom and Yellow on the Top, going clockwise we have Blue Orange Green Red BOGR.

Here we have the Core of a Disassembled Skewb along with the Center Pieces and Corners.  The Skewb Corners have 3 colors while the Centers only have one.  4 Skewb Corners are fixed to the core (similar to a Pyraminx) and the other 4 can be moved into different positions as well as the Centers.  So the trick is to position the Corners and Centers correct relative to the 4 fixed Corners.

Skewb Disassembled

Solve Skewb
4 Step Beginner Method Using Logic

Step 1:  Solve the Bottom (White)
Step 2:  Solve the Top Corners (Yellow)
Step 3:  Solve the Top Centers (Yellow)
Step 4:  Solve the Sides solving the entire Skewb

4 Step Beginner Method Overview video

Skewb Terminology and Notation

CW = Clockwise
CCW = Counter Clockwise 
Prime ( ‘ ) = CCW
R = Right Front Top Corner CW
R’ = Right Front Top Corner CCW
L = Left Front Top Corner CW
L’ = Left Front Top Corner CCW
The only Skewb algorithm we use in Beginner Method:
Down Down – Up Up (DD-UU) = L R’ – L’ R

Skewb Beginner Method Tutorial 
Video Time Stamps

01:37  Step 1 Solve White Bottom
02:55  Step 2 Solve Yellow Top Corners
04:28  Step 3 Solve Yellow Top Center
07:39  Step 4 Solve Sides, Complete Skewb

00:00  Intro
00:04  Beginner Method 4 Step Overview

00:55  Practice Algorithm DDUU
05:12  Understanding Algorithm DDUU

03:00  No Fish Pattern
03:26  Cam’s Ugly Brother Pattern

08:35  One Side Solved
09:40  No Side Solved
10:17  Conclusion

Step 1:  Solve the Bottom White Layer

Solve Skewb Bottom

Step 1: Solve the White Bottom Layer 01:37
We insert the 4 White Corner pieces beside the White Center making certain the adjacent colors on the White Corners match each other.

Note the adjacent Corner colors may not match the Centers though because the Centers are not fixed the can me moved into different locations.

If you have a White Corner in the Bottom but oriented incorrectly with the White facing to the side and not down matching the White Center, just rotate it up, twist and re-insert as seen at 02:06
*need picture

Step 2:  Flip all the Top Corners Yellow facing up

Skewb Top Layer

Step 2: Flip Top Corners Yellow Up 02:55
We need to flip all the Top Corners so that the Yellow side is facing up.  We are looking for the 2×2 & 3×3 equivalent of the OLL called “No Fish”.  We hold the Skewb with 2 Yellows facing the Left, 1 Yellow on the Front and 1 on the Back.  We then perform the only Algorithm we use in the this tutorial (L R’ – L’ R) what I call Down Down, Up Up.

Solve Skewb Top

If we don’t have the “No Fish” pattern the we will have “Cam’s Ugly Brother” 03:36 and we will have to do the algorithm 2 times,  Once to get “No Fish” then again to flip all the Yellows up.

2x2 Rubik's OLL
Solve Skewb Top

We can learn more algs (& reverse algs) for this case but for now as a new beginner we will only use this one.

Step 3:  Solve the Top Yellow Center 

Step 3: Solve Top Yellow Center 04:28
We need to insert the Yellow Center into the Top to complete the Yellow Top Layer.  In order to do so we use a Center swapping technique utilizing the (L R’ – L’ R) Down Down – Up Up algorithm.  With White on the Bottom turn the Skewb so the Yellow Center is on the Back, perform the algorithm DD-UU, rotate the cube 180 deg so the back is now on the front and perform the algorithm again.  The Yellow Top layer will now be solved.

Skewb Top Solve

To better understand this re-watch 05:12  Understanding Skewb Algorithm DD-UU.

Step 4:  Solve the Side Centers completing the Skewb

Step 4: Solve Side Centers 07:39
Now we need to position the side Centers so that they match the solved Corners. 

One Solved Side: 08:35
Find a solved side (not Top or Bottom) and place that solved side on the Bottom.  Now look at the Top Center color and see which side it needs to move down to, face that side then perform the algorithm (L R’ – L’ R) Down Down, Up Up.  At this point the the Top Center is pulled down to the Front and the Skewb looks mixed up. Rotate the Skewb so the Back is now on the Front and perform the algorithm again.  The Skewb is now solved.

Solve Skewb Side Centers
Solved Green Side Down, DD-UU on Orange side, rotate 180 deg DD-UU, Solved Skewb

No Solved Side: 09:40
If no sides are solved, just pick any side to be the new Bottom with White and Yellow facing the Left and Right (doesn’t matter which faces which).

Perform the algorithm, rotate the Skewb Front to Back (180 deg) and perform the algorithm again and you will have a solved side.  Now place this solved side on the Bottom and repeat the above step.
Congrats you have learned to solve the Skewb!

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