In this Pyraminx Solution Guide with Pyraminx Video Tutorials, we Learn how to Solve the Pyraminx in 3 Steps with an easy Beginner Method then Intermediate Method. This is a full comprehensive Step by Step guide to learn to solve the Pyraminx.

Page 1: Pyraminx Beginner & Intermediate Methods
Page 2: PSA on Learning, Practice & Understanding & Giveaway
Page 3: Rubik’s Puzzle Tutorial Videos

How best to learn from my Puzzle Tutorial Videos:
It’s best to just attempt to solve the puzzle on your own for a few minutes first before watching the Tutorial. This will help you gain familiarity with what you are about to learn.
Each Step in the Rubik’s Puzzle Tutorial is broken down into Stages:
– Overview:
– Solve:
– Troubleshooting:
– Practice Strategies:
For each Step first watch the Overview, Solve and Troubleshooting Stages. Then when directed to, practice with the Practice Strategies shown.
There are millions of possible combinations, don’t try to match and follow my every turn. Lean & Understand how to Solve it on your own.
See detailed Learning & Practice instructions on next Page.

How to Solve a Pyraminx Puzzle Step by Step Beginner Method Video Tutorial (Full)

Pyraminx Tutorial Video

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Understanding the Pyraminx

First we need to understand that the Pyraminx has 4 sides of different colors determined by 3 matching Center Pieces on each Side. For the most part the colors are standardized and will match from Pyraminx to Pyraminx (but not always) with Yellow on Bottom going clockwise we have Blue, Green, Red – BoGeR.

Pyraminx Color Scheme: BoGeR

Here we have the Centers & Core of a disassembled Pyraminx along with the Edge Pieces. The Center pieces have 3 Colors and can only rotate with the Edge pieces have 2 colors and can be moved into different positions. So the trick is to align to match all the Centers and place the Edges into position relative to the Centers.

Pyraminx Core

Solve Pyraminx
3 Step Layer by Layer Method

Step 1: Match the Centers on the Bottom Layer (Yellow for us)
Step 2: Insert the Bottom Layer Edges solving the entire Layer
Step 3: Fix Edges in the Top/Last Layer solving the entire Pyraminx

Pyraminx Terminology & Notations

CW = Clockwise 
CCW = Counter Clockwise
Prime (‘) = CCW

Uppercase Letters = Corner (Center & Tip) turns
R  = Right  Corner CW   /   R’ = Right Corner CCW
L  = Left Corner CW   /   L’ = Left Corner CCW
U  = Up (Top) Corner CW   /   U’ = Up (Top) Corner CCW
B  = Back Corner CW   /   B’ = Back Corner CCW

Lowercase Letters = Tip turns
r  = Right Tip CW   /   r’ = Right Tip CCW
l  = Left Tip CW   /   l’ = Left Tip CCW
u  = Up Tip CW   /   u’ = Up Tip CCW
b  = Back Tip CW   /   b’ = Back Tip CCW

L1 = Layer 1 (Bottom Layer)
L2 = Layer 2 (Last Layer or Top Layer)
LL = Last Layer (L2 or Top Layer)

Pyraminx Tutorial Time Stamps:

0:01 Intro
1:01 Message from Emily
1:31 3 Step Overview
2:38 Understanding the Pyraminx
4:50 Layer by Layer Method Overview
5:53 Terminology & Notation

7:21 Step 1:  ATC _ Overview
8:05 Step 1:  ATC _ Solve
8:31 Step 1:  ATC _ Troubleshooting
9:24 Step 1:  ATC_Tip
11:09 Step 1:  ATC _ Practice Strategies

11:39 Step 2:  L1 _ Overview
12:25 Step 2:  L1 _ Solve
15:08 Step 2:  L1 _ Troubleshooting
18:46 Step 2:  L1 _ Practice Strategies

19:41 Step 3:  LL _ Overview
22:01 Step 3:  LL Cases 2 & 3 _ Explanation & Solve
23:54 Step 3:  LL Cases 2 & 3 _ Troubleshooting
25:22 Step 3:  LL Cases 4 & 5 _ Explanation & Solve
26:53 Step 3:  LL Cases 4 & 5 _ Troubleshooting
27:31 Step 3:  LL Case 1 _ Explanation & Solve
29:27 Step 3:  LL Case 1 _ Troubleshooting
30:47 Step 3:  LL _ Practice Strategies

32:03 Conclusion
32:47 Speed Cube Shop Giveaway Details
33:25 Special Thanks to…

Pyraminx Tutorial
Solve Pyraminx Tutorial
Pyraminx 5 LL Cases
Rubik's Cube

More pics and info including Pyraminx Intermediate Method 5 Last Layer Cases Guide and Video Tutorial coming soon

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Page 1: Pyraminx Beginner & Intermediate Methods
Page 2: PSA on Learning, Practice & Understanding
Page 3: Rubik’s Puzzle Tutorial Videos

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