How to Solve Rubik’s Cube 2×2 Ortega Method

In this Rubik’s Cube 2×2 Ortega Method solution guide with 2×2 Speed Cube Video Tutorial, we learn to solve the 2×2 Cube in only 3 Steps using the easy Ortega Method.  This is a comprehensive Step by Step guide to learn to solve the Rubik’s 2×2 Cube in the easiest most basic way with the Ortega Method.

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2x2 Ortega Method 3 Steps
Bottom Face, 5 Bar Cases

While this 2×2 Ortega Method is easy to learn,I recommend first learning my 2×2 Beginner Method and 2×2 Intermediate Method first.×2
Rubik’s Cube 2×2 Beginner Method:
Rubik’s Cube 2×2 Intermediate Method:

How To Solve  2×2 Cube with Ortega Method Video Tutorial

2×2 Ortega Method Tutorial:

2×2 Ortega Method Tutorial
Video Time Stamps

Step 1:  Solve Bottom Face 
Step 2:  Solve Top Face OLL 
Step 3:  PBL Case 1:  0 Bars
Step 3:  PBL Case 2:  1 Bar 
Step 3:  PBL Case 3:  2 Bars 
Step 3:  PBL Case 4:  4 Bars
Step 3:  PBL Case 5:  5 Bars

Solve 2×2 Cube
3 Step Ortega Method

Step 1:  Orient Bottom Face (White Bottom)
Step 2:  OLL – Orient Last Layer (Yellow Top)
Step 3:  PBL – Permute Both Layers (Solve Cube)

Step 1: Solve Bottom Face

Solve the Bottom White Face only, not necessarily the whole Layer.  The pieces don’t need to be in the correct location just oriented with all White stickers on the same Face.

Rubik’s 2x2 Ortega Method
Rubik’s 2×2 Ortega Method Bottom Face Solved

The above image shows the White Face solved by not the entire layer. With Ortega method it’s only necessary to solve the Face but you can solve the entire Layer as seen in the image below. Either option is available.

Rubik’s 2x2 Bottom
Rubik’s 2×2 Layer 1 Bottom

Step 2: OLL – Orient Last Layer (Yellow Top)

We need to get all the Yellows facing up. There will be 1 of 7 OLL Cases (Same as Beginner and Intermediate Methods of 2×2 or 3×3). 

2x2 Ortega Method OLL Cases
7 OLL Cases

7 OLL Algorithms for 2×2:
Little Fish: (R U R’ U R U2 R’)
Big Fish: (R U’2 R’ U’ R U’ R’)
Double Fish: (R2 U2 R U2 R2)
No Fish: F (R U R’ U’) (R U R’ U’) F’
Bug Eyes: (F R U) (R’ U’ F’)
Chameleon: (L’ U’) (L U) (R U’) (R’ F)
Chameleon’s Ugly Brother: (L’ U’) (L’ U) (R U’) (L U) x’

7 OLLs Video
Little Fish Beginner Method: video
Big Fish Beginner Method: video
Double Fish Beginner Method: video
Double Fish Intermediate Method: video
No Fish Intermediate Method: video
Bug Eyes Intermediate Method: video
Chameleon Intermediate Method: video
Chameleon’s Ugly Brother IM: video

Step 3: PBL – Permute Both Layers

Now we Permute Both Layers (PBL) simultaneously with 1 of 5 PBL Algorithms.
There are only 5 PBL Cases, 2 of which are standard 2×2 Beginner/Intermediate Method Cases so only 3 new easy Cases to learn.  I identify the Cases by the number of horizontal Bars 0, 1, 2, 4 or 5.

2x2 Ortega 5 Cases
0 Bars / 1 Bar / 2 Bars / 4 Bars / 5 Bars

Ortega 5 PBL Cases & Algorithms
Case 1: 0 Bars:  R2 B2 R2
Case 2: 1 Bar: R U’ R F2 R’ U R’
Case 3: 2 Bars:  R2 U’ B2 U2 R2 U’ R2 
Case 4: 4 Bars:  (L’ U’ L’ U R U’ L U) (R’ U’ L U R U’ R’ F)
Case 5: 5 Bars:  x R’ U R’ D2 R U’ R’ D2 R2 x’

4 & 5 Bars are just standard 2×2 / 3×3 Cases
Fully explained in Intermediate Method Tutorial
5 Bars is just PLL corners on 3×3 / 2×2: IM Video Tutorial
4 Bars = Cams Ugly Bro then Chameleon Algs: IM Video Tutorial

PLL Corner Diagonal Swap (relative positions Algs)
[(L’ U’) (L’ U) (R U’) (L U) x’] Cham UBro
[(L’ U’) (L U) (R U’) (R’ F)] Cham
[(L’ U’) (L’ U) (R U’) (L U)]
[(R’ U’) (L U) (R U’) (R’ F)]
These two Algorithms are actually identical in relative turns of the cube and only differ in notion due to relative position when holding the cube. See Intermediate Tutorial for demonstration.

2×2 Terminology and Notation Video
2×2 Bottom Layer Intermediate Method Video

The image below shows the 3 Step Ortega Method
Step 1: Bottom Face (White)
Step 2: Top Face (Yellow)
Step 3: 5 PBL Cases

Rubik’s 2x2 Ortega Method 3 Steps
Bottom Face, Top Face, Bars Cases

Rubik’s Cube 2×2 Beginner Method Tutorial

Rubik’s Cube 2×2 Intermediate Method Tutorial

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