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How to Test IPM IGBT Diode & Gate Junction with DMM – 6 Pack Powerex PM150CVA120

July 3, 2018

Explanation on How to Test the Diode and Gate Junction of a 6 Pack IPM IGBT with a DMM Digital Multi Meter with IPM IGBT Schematic – Powerex PM150CVA120. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   IGBT IPM Intelligent Power Module Diode and Junction Test Procedure using a DMM. Single Pack…

How to Test IGBT Bricks – DMM Test & Lamp Test

July 3, 2018

How to Test IGBT Brick Modules with a Multimeter (DMM) and test IGBTs with a Lamp & Battery. IGBT Test with the Digital Multimeter is useful when the IGBT module cannot easily be removed or isolated. Lamp & Battery test for when the IGBT can be removed or isolated. See end of video for diagrams.…

SCR Powerblock Tester Circuit Diagram with iCircuit Circuit Simulator

July 3, 2018

Diagram of the SCR Powerblock Tester I designed and built. Designed and tested with iCircuit on an iPad. Note: not show in the schematic but the actual tester has two amp panels for current readout see video here Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   Check out these handy Electronics Test…

SCR Tester – Homemade DIY SCR Powerblock Tester

July 3, 2018

Here we take a look at an SCR Tester we built to test large power block SCR which required more current than commercially available small testers could provide. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   This prototype SCR Testing device tests the Gate Trigger Current (IGT), Latching Current (IL) and Holding…

DIY Diamagnetic Levitation from Scraps – 24 cents

July 3, 2018

Amazing at home Diamagnetic Levitation from scrap material and 24 pennies. Cheap diy diamagnetic levitator is a cool magnet trick you can do easily. Homemade Diamagnetic Levitation device demonstrates the properties of magnetism and diamagnetism. Homemade DiaMaglev Materials List: Strong Magnet (hard drive magnet) Diamagnetic Material (Motor Brush) Small Magnet (toothbrush head magnet) Spacers (pennies)…

DIY Diamagnetic Levitation

July 3, 2018

DIY diamagnetic levitation with an old hard drive magnet and carbon graphite elevator motor brushes used as diamagnetic plates. Crudely and quickly made for nearly free. You can also levitate a magnet with silver, bismuth, or pyrolytic graphite for best results. The graphite, silver, and bismuth act as a diamagnetic and repel a magnet regardless…

Free Energy?

July 3, 2018

Free Energy? Machines turning and radiometers spinning but no free energy here, maybe some green energy. Just some cool science and physics demonstration apparatuses to help get kids interested in science and thinking about things. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:   These items can be purchased from the following Amazon…

How To Build a Retractable Magnetic Plumb Bob

July 2, 2018

How To Build a Retractable Magnetic Plumb Bob Tie a retractable chalk reel line to a plumb bob. Be sure to get braided line as it wont twist and spin. Glue a magnet to the back for quick easy attachment to ferrous metal objects and also to hold the plumb bob while in storage. I…

DIY Magnetic Field Visualizer

July 2, 2018

How to see invisible magnetic field lines with this homemade Magnetic Field Line Viewer – 3D DIY. If you don’t want to build your own diy 3D Magnetic Field Demonstrator many are available for purchase like the following: Amazon Affiliate Link You can purchase the following from my Amazon Affiliate links or any similar products…

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