While searching for very specific magnets for my diy Ultra-Portable Magnetic Laptop Shelf (see video below) I found the Company totalElement had exactly what I wanted at the lowest price. I placed the order and within two days the magnets were on my doorstep. Shipping is free for orders over $10.

Get 10% off using my code KTFG at checkout!

I was so impressed that I reached out to the company explaining the multiple uses I have for their magnets in the many projects and diys that I post on YouTube and my website. I am excited to announce that totalElement has agreed to offer a 10% discount to anyone using my discount code “KTFG” at checkout. That is KTFG my initials, not KTFO “Knock That Fool Out” (you may know that as something different but I keep the site child friendly).

Short demo video of the Portable Magnetic Shelves I built using the magnets purchased from totalElement. How To video and web post coming soon.

I will make a How To video and web post with instructions on how to build your own diy Ultra-Portable Magnetic Shelf or Work Platform. Great for holding laptops, prints, books or even tools like meters, pliers, screwdriver along with nuts and bolts. This is the link to the 1/16″ thick magnets I used from totalElement 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/16 Neodymium Magnets.

FYI I don’t intend to build and sell these, rather show people how to build their own. However I am considering giving away a free Laptop Shelf to the first person (via YouTube comment on How To video) to guess the weight capacity within 2.5 lbs that this shelf can hold with these ultra thin 1/16″ magnets. Stay tuned for details. www.youtube.com/KGittemeier

Magnetic Push Pins for Elevator Rope Covers.

Being happy with my first purchase from totalElement I made another purchase to see if the “Strong Heavy-Duty Plastic Magnetic Push Pins” would be strong enough to hold these plastic sheets I use to cover elevator hoist ropes to prevent debris from scattering across the elevator machine room.

The Heavy Duty Push Pins are plenty strong enough and easy to grab and remove for inspection of the elevator hoist rope. I will be posting pictures and video soon. Click here to purchase.

Jessica click HERE, this is what Fabian needs. Qty 5 (24 packs)

Strong Heavy-Duty Plastic Magnetic Push Pins (24 Pack)

A few words about totalElement. Although I have only placed tow orders I have found:

  • Website easy to navigate & filter when looking for specific items
  • Great prices
  • Bulk discounts
  • Very fast shipping (same day)
  • Free shipping on US orders of $10 or more
  • Great customer service from a company located in Colorado USA

Click here for totalElement’s About Us page to learn more.

Remember to use the Discount Code KTFG at check out for 10% savings

While I don’t make any commission off the use of this coupon code I do want to offer savings to my audience while supporting small businesses which have a focus on customers. totalElement has even agreed to supply me with some magnets free of charge to help support some of my magnetic projects and inventions.

Hopefully I will get back to this project I put on hold. See video below, it’s pretty wild!

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