Storage Solutions for Service Vehicles (Organizers & Bins)

Service Van Pull Out Shelving System – Organizers & Storage

A Quick Look at my new Service Van with Pull Out Shelves and Organizer Bins. I’m open to organization ideas, let me know if you have any good ones. We dont get any input on how the Service Vehicles are set up but we can adjust the heights and I was able to take one of the pull out shelves from my old van and install in my new work van for a total of three pull out shelves and one stationary top shelf. It came with only two pull outs. Bins and organizers purchased separately. I’ll still haven’t transferred all the material & tools over from the old van so it will be more disorganized here shortly.


In this video I used the following parts organizers:

Stanley 10 (&25) Removable Bin Compartment Organizer: 

Stalwart Storage Organizer Set:  (the small ones under Sterilite bins)

Sterilite 6 Qt Clear Storage Box:  (clear see through and centering stackable)


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See aso the following organization products I use but not featured in this video

Stanley Fatmax Deep Pro Organizer:  which appears to be identical to the DeWalt 10 Compartment Deep Pro Organizer:
DeWalt 6 Compartment Deep Pro Organzier:

Durham Manufacturing Industrial Storage:

Pull out shelving is Katerack by Dejana’s

Pull out shelving system in this service van: KATERACK VAN SHELVING Dejana’s Katerack® Interior Van Shelving System features a patented design that lets you slide the entire storage system outside your vehicle for easy access. Your van’s Van Shelving has never been so efficient! No crawling into the van kneeling on an unseen object or tool, pullout shelves bring everything in easy reach! Standard configuration includes three pull-out shelves that can be adjusted to fit your needs. Van Shelving has commercial grade drawer slides extend fully to maximize your storage space. Heavy-duty modular van shelving makes the system extremely versatile. DEJANA KATERACK & DURARAC INTERIOR VAN SHELVING SYSTEMS Als search Van Shelving Ideas and Van Storage Ideas along with Work Van Storage Ideas and Van Tool Storage Ideas in conjunction with Contractor Truck Storage Solutions.





Portable Laptop / Material Shelf

Magnetic Laptop Shelf

DIY Portable Magnetic Laptop Shelf Build Instructions & Material List:

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