Best Portable Folding Utility Cart for Elevator Industry (IUEC)

Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart

If there is a better folding work cart I would like to know.  While I own several work carts I use this collapsible service cart in the elevator service department daily.

This collapsible work cart is lightweight, compact, stores easily in my service van and even stores well on top of the elevator when needed (see pics in video). Its a relatively strong work cart that I often use to move 5 gallon buckets of hydraulic oil. It makes a nice laptop table when troubleshooting elevators and an added level of barrier between the public and an elevator door while your working, keeps people from looking over your shoulder. Purchase yours here on my Amazon Affiliate link Olympia 85-188


Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart

Part number: 85-188


While in the Elevator Modernization Department I primarily used Luxor 4 wheel swivel (4 wheel steering) Utility Carts as see in the videos below. Once you use a 4 wheel swivel cart you won’t want go back to two wheel steering rubbermaid carts. I have about 7 Luxor / H Wilson Carts now (I think I need a sponsorship from them).

Work Carts / Utlility Carts I own one or more of:
Olympia Tools Collapsible Cart:
Luxor SCT111 Tub Cart 3 Shelves:
Luxor/H Wilson STC21 STC 2-Shelf Cart:
H Wilson WT34 ZS Tuffy Cart:
Luxor BC45 Flush Shelf Cart 4 Shelves:
Luxor Flush Shelf Cart 3 Shelves:

Shop Luxor / H Wilson Utility Carts at Amazon:


Elevator Machine Room Utility Cart – Luxor STC111 Three Shelves Tub Cart


Assembly of new H Wilson STC21-B STC Series 18 x 24 inch 2 – Shelf Utility Cart



Assembly of new H Wilson WT34S, 3 – Shelf Utility Cart


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