Free Energy?

Free Energy?

Machines turning and radiometers spinning but no free energy here, maybe some green energy.

Just some cool science and physics demonstration apparatuses to help get kids interested in science and thinking about things.

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Sunnytech Stirling Engine Motor:


Etched Globe Glass Barometer:

Glass Hand Boiler:

Newton Gravity Glass:

Magnetic Hourglass:

Galileo Thermometer:

3D Magnetic Field Demonstrator:

Mendocino Motor:

Sunnytech Low Temperature Stirling Engine Motor Steam Heat Education Model Toy Kit (LT001) What is the stirling engine and how does it work? A Stirling engine is a special heat engine that operates by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas, the working fluid, at different temperature levels such that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work to move the engine.  The engine is like a steam engine in that all of the engine’s heat flows in and out through the engine wall and creates motion.

Hourglass Awaglass Hand blown Timer Magnet Hourglass / Magnetic Hourglass. It is about time. Who knew that by just replacing the common sand in an hourglass with Magnet Hourglass you could defy the laws of time, space and physics and make it appear to flow in reverse? But that’s exactly what happens with this Awaglass timer or does it?

Science hand boiler, Westminster Hand Boilers Product Description Hands Down, an Edmund Classic demo.  Hand Boilers are looped and twisted glass sculptures containing a liquid that will appear to “boil” as heat is transferred from your bare hand. Simply hold the large bulb end in the palm of your hand and within minutes, your body heat will cause the liquid to rise and bubble. Once cool because out of your hands, it takes a few minutes for the liquid to cool down and return to the large bulb. science toy and an excellent demonstration of energy transfer demo.

Sand Timer, Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer.  desktop toy is a classic glass sand timer with a magnetic twist by using iron filaments and a base with a magnet for a mesmerizing effect.  great  item for your office and will attract your coworker’s attention to science!

Radiometer by Educational Innovations. Originally, designed by William Crooke in the 1860’s, the radiometer still fascinates both young and old with science. Whenever light shines on the four diamond shaped vanes the paddle wheel spins at up to 3,000 rpm in one direction. Great for illustrating the conversion of light energy into mechanical energy science demo. Each vane is black on one side and white on the other for heat differential. Because the black surface absorbs energy better than the white reflective side, the molecules of air move faster near the black surface (or does it?).  Molecules of heated air moving faster on one side of the vain than the other cause it to spin but this is disputed.

Gravity Glass G.W. Schleidt STC8003-B Newton Gravity Glass Timer 3 Minute Blue Sand 10-Inch glass timer by G.W. Schleidt

Volcano hourglass ornaments – liquid droplets, Volcanic Eruption Liquid Motion Toy. You Use the Volcanic Eruption Liquid Motion Toy as a paperweight or a soothing visual aid science. Simply turn the volcano upside down to get the sands within ready to see. When you put it back down the sands will flow upwards through the watery interior of the egg shaped container science demo.


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