Glowing Vinegar Egg Experiment

Glowing Rubber Bouncy Vinegar Egg Experiment.

Experimenting with UV Reactive glowing vinegar eggs. Several eggs from raw to partially hardboiled to fully hardboiled soaked in UV reactive vinegar water.


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Glow Water – The Hidden Dangers!

Glow Water – The Hidden Dangers! Beware or you’ll be walking around like a nuclear fallout victim for days if not weeks no matter how many hand washes or showers!

While making some DIY glow water we were surprised to see the unintended consequences. We will be sure to wear gloves and old clothes next time. The water turned out incredible though, much better than we expected.

The water will be used in many projects and experiments so check out the Phosphorescent / Fluorescence Playlist: This Glow Water was made with highlighter and water. We made and compared several different types of glow water from different materials that will be featured in our next videos so subscribe, like and share if you find interesting. Sub:



Part 1 Experiments with Fluorescence Glow Water, Polymer Balls & Rubber Eggs

Make your own Glow Water. Part 1 Experiments with Fluorescence Glow Water, Polymer Balls & Rubber Eggs. In this video we make several different types of Fluorescent Glow Water and compare their brightness and how effective they are at making Polymer Balls (Water Balls) and Rubber Vinegar Eggs glow in different conditions.

We make and compare the following Fluorescent Glow Waters:

Tonic Water with Quinine, Vitamin B Water, Highlighter Water, Tonic Water with Vitamin B, Tonic Water with Highlighter, Vinegar with Highlighter, Vinegar with Glow in the Dark Paint,

We put Clear Polymer Balls (Water Balls) in each of the solutions. We put Raw Eggs, Hard Boiled Eggs & partially Hard Boiled Eggs in the Vinegar, Vinegar Glow Paint & Vinegar Highlighter solutions. Check out Part 2 for results, the glowing Polymer Water Balls are incredible!



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