How To Build a Retractable Magnetic Plumb Bob

How To Build a Retractable Magnetic Plumb Bob Tie a retractable chalk reel line to a plumb bob.

Be sure to get braided line as it wont twist and spin. Glue a magnet to the back for quick easy attachment to ferrous metal objects and also to hold the plumb bob while in storage. I purchased the Dewalt Compact Chalk Reel and a Johnson Steel Plumb Bob both from Home Depot. The Dewalt has a push quick release that is convenient and its fairly compact and light which I like.  Magnets from old hard drives.

The tools and material can be purchased below from my Amazon Affiliate Links:
Dewalt Compact Chalk Reel:
Johnson 8oz Hex Plumb Bob:
Dewalt 4.5 Inch Small Trigger Clamp:

If you dont want to build your own inexpensive Magnetic Retractable Plumb Bob check out this high end one for sale, Tajjima Plumb-Rite 14oz:


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DEWALT Compact Chalk Reel Kit with Blue Chalk PRODUCT OVERVIEW Model # DWHT47257L Internet # 204624599 Store SKU # 1000024431 DEWALT

Johnson 8 oz. Steel Plumb Bob PRODUCT OVERVIEW Model # 08 Internet # 100184170 Store SKU # 378437 The Johnson 8 oz. Steel Plumb Bob features a removable top, so it’s easy to tie the tool to a string or line. The plumb bob is made of plated steel, and it resists corrosion. Ties easily to a string or line Hexagonal machined steel Bright-plated finish for corrosion resistance Removable top for easy, centered string installation

Johnson 8 oz. Steel Hexagonal Plumb Bob

MODEL #: 08 Hexagonal machined steel body


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