How To Make a Magnetic Stirrer – Quick, Easy & Cheap!

Simple DIY Magnetic Stirrer

If you don’t want to build your own simple inexpensive magnetic stirrer, shop here to purchase one from amazon affiliate link:  Magnetic Stirrers:


Quickly and crudely made with spare parts laying around in just a matter of minutes.


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Material used:

– 12v computer Fan Motor,

– Hard Drive Magnet,

– 2 Cylinder magnets as spin bar (I recommend purchasing Spin Bars:

– Tupperware Bowl,

– Variable Power Supply* (Bench Power Supply 0-50vdc:

* Can use just about any 5-12v power supply laying around – phone or razor charger, modem or electronics PS, etc. Just check the voltage and amperage of the motor you intend to use and compare it to the power supply. Anything over 0.5 amps likely will work. Best to use less voltage than you motor is rated for or your spin bar may spin too fast. Add a voltage divider potentiometer or some other means to control speed if desired. I plan to build a self contained unit with speed control & likely hot plate in the near future. This was just a quick build because I needed one right then. Spin bar has since arrive in the mail and I have wired the magnetic stirrer to a 5v 1amp modem power supply and it works very well.

Magnetic Stir Bars – Homemade & Store Bought

A look at two homemade magnetic stir bars and one store bought magnetic stir bar. The homemade stir bars made and used before the real stir bars arrived by mail. They were good for a quick fix though but I recommend purchasing Spin Bars:


DIY Homemade Magnetic Stirrer -Cheap, Quick & Easy Homemade Magnetic Stirrer

Quickly and crudely made magnetic stirrer and magnetic stir bar. This was built in a matter of minutes with material laying around. This is only temporary as I plan to build a self contained unit likely with a hot plate, but I needed one today! The homemade stir bar works and is safe enough in most situations if careful but I have stir bars arriving in the mail so this is just a temporary quick fix.



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