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Guess what subject this website is about to include?!
2022 Honda Grom (for Emily to learn on)
2021 Yamaha MT-03 (her brothers)
2021 Yamaha MT-07 (take a guess)
Motorcycle gear, accessories, upgrades and vlogs coming soon.

This is just an initial post to test new motorcycle menu I just added.
If you somehow stumble upon this post leave me a comment letting me know how you found it and I will try to send you a coupon code to a motorcycle gear shop.

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First Motorcycle Accessories / Upgrades I plan to install:

  • Frame Sliders
  • Axles Sliders
  • Bar End Sliders
  • Tank protector

Following Motorcycle Accessories / Upgrades I will consider:

  • Tail Tidy (Fender Eliminator)
  • Compact Turn Signals
  • Adjustable Levers
  • Slip on Exhaust (maybe, prolly not, who knows)

I dug out some of my 25 year old gear to find the gloves are still in good condition. The helmet liner and pads are trash as expected 20 years past their 5 year life expectancy. I liked the Bieffe Pole Position motorcycle helmet quick release enough to shop for another only to find the company Bieffe is out of business.

Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Gear (have, need & want):

  • (Have) 25 year old Bieffe helmet with disintegrated foam
  • (Have) 25 year old Leather Jacket with broken zipper
  • (Have) 25 year old Motorcycle Gloves, summer and winter
  • (Need) New Motorcycle Helmet
  • (Need) New Motorcycle Jacket, summer and winter
  • (Want) New Motorcycle Gloves, summer and winter
  • (Want) Motorcycle Shoes
  • (Want) Motorcycle Jeans

I am really surprised at how well these OSI motorcycle gloves have held up stored away for 25 years. They will work fine until I get some new gloves with more protection.

I need advise on motorcycle communication devices, phone mounts, chargers and general accessories. A lot has changed in 25 years. I really liked my Bieffe helmet with quick release but apparently the company is out of business.

600cc Motorcycle

Wow, what year is this?

Emily, the 3 year old Rubik’s Cube genius (grown up now) will learn to ride a motorcycle on the 2022 Honda Grom. Emily was doing the BMX track at age 5 so a motorcycle shouldn’t be too difficult for her at 16.

Grom Girl? No she won’t like that name.

There certainly seems to be a color preference but one of these is not available in blue in the USA. Which one and what color should I get instead of blue, Matte Stealth Black or Storm Fluo?


If the Yamaha MT-15 was available in the USA I would have to consider a blue MT-15 over the Honda Grom. Not sure I would actually chose the MT-15 over the Grom but I would consider it to round out the MT trifecta. I would really just have to ride and compare the Yamaha MT-15 vs Honda Grom to see which is better.

2022 Honda Grom Specifications PDF
2021 Yamaha MT 15 Specifications
2021 Yamaha MT-03 Specifications PDF
2021 Yamaha MT-07 Specifications PDF

The Grom is iconic and I’ll get one but look at this MT-15! If this one pictured here was in the dealer I would probably have to get it (and the Grom). Lucky for my wallet they are only sold overseas but this looks like a fun little bike!
Youtube video Blue Gray MT-15

2022 MT-15

2021 Yamaha MT-03 Color Options


Ok so what color MT03 to get?

I like the Blue and Blue/Gray best but they are not available in the USA.

The Matte Raven Black looks awesome but it doesn’t have any hi-vis color to catch the eye of inattentive drivers. So that leaves the Storm Fluo… or Matte Raven Black and hi-vis helmet and jacket when concern for drivers is high.

If only I could get Blue Wheels on the Matte Raven Black MT-03.

I believe the Team Yamaha Blue MT-03 pictured is actually a 2020 year model while the Blue/Gray is a 2021.

Yamaha USA MT-03

2021 Yamaha MT-07 Color Options

2021 Yamaha MT-07

Well there is not much of a guess here, my first color choice for the MT-07 is Yamaha Team Blue which is available in the US on the MT07.

Matte Raven Black is my second choice and would look pretty sweat with blue wheels.

Although Jimmy from the band “Jimmy is Cool” and my son Ryan really like Storm Fluo on both the MT-03 & MT-07, I don’t think I’m sold on it yet but it does look much better in person than in photo.

Yamaha USA MT-07

2022 Honda Grom Color Options

Honda Grom Options

The 2022 Honda Grom comes in 4 color options: Matte Black Metallic, Pearl White, Queen Bee Yellow, Candy Blue.

ABS only comes in Blue and Blue only comes with ABS for $200 more.

I am kind of torn because I really like the blue but I think I would rather not have ABS for two reasons.

1) We will be taking it off road as much or more than on road.
2) It may be best to learn proper brake operation on before getting ABS brakes and this Grom will be used partially as learner bike.

The Yellow and White just don’t do it for me, by picture at least. I have yet to see those colors in person though.

So it may have to be a Matte Black Metallic Grom for us as hi-vis will be less of an issue because I don’t intend for the Grom to be ridden near drivers and Emily will be dressed up like a highlighter anyway.

Honda Powersports USA 2022 Grom

At the request of Andrew until a full post can be made…
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