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New Magnetic Invention – V3R2 Magnetically Locked Axle

New Magnetic Invention – V3R2 Magnetically Locked Axle.
Incredible New Magnetic Invention locks an axle with another magnet at a point in space.
Our variation of the classic magnetic levitator. This is accomplished with permanent magnets, no electromagnets.
Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned as we intend to combine this magnetic bearing axle levitator (V3R2) with the classic magnetic levitator (V1R1 & V1R2) for a free floating axle suspended by magnets defying the classic view of Earnshaw’s Theorem.
That would make a frictionless no point of contact free axle which we intend to use for a Mendocino Motor.
I had to purchase a lot of super strong rare earth neodymium magnets for this and I am looking for sponsors to provide neodymium magnets for future builds.


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