Rubber Band Powered Boat – School Science Project

Multiple configurations tested of a Rubber Band Powered Paddle Boat. See video for details and results. See end of video for details on upcoming RC modification & 120 FPS slow motion tests. Sage 1st Grade School project to make a Rubber Band Powered Paddle Boat. Made April 2008 by Justin Gittemeier with help. Sat in a box for over 6 years. Pulled out to modify into a RC boat but first wanted to see if we could get better performance with a paddle modification now that we have some room to run it. A lake rather than a tub. The modifications improved performance and could be even better with some more simple changes but this thing is soon to have a Proboat Blackjack 9 or Proboat Miss Geico 17 RC setup on it. Those RC boats are gutted because they are soon to be upgraded to Brushless. Look for test run and build videos in the future. Very Simple and Easy to Make Rubber Band Powered Boat with the following: PVC Glue Pipe Insulation Popsicle Sticks Balsa Wood Spray Sealer & Rubber Bands.

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    3×3 Cube Easy Beginner Method Tutorial:
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    Currently working on Megaminx Easiest Beginner Method

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