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Many of the components used are scavenged (which is why some are overkill) but most items I purchased from Amazon or Jameco. What Amazon & Jameco don’t have I get from Allied or Digikey. I have listed my purchases from Amazon shopping history. For scavenged items like variac I have listed compatible item from Amazon &/or Jameco. Purchasing from affiliate links earns me a small commission and helps support this website. Thanks!

*denotes products I did not get from Amazon (either scavenged, acquired or purchased from Jameco, Digikey or Allied) or a suitable alternative.
**denotes wish list or items I intend to buy.
All other items pulled directly from my Amazon shopping history. 

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Run/Inspection Circuit Components

Auto/Insp Circuit Schematic
Auto/Insp Circuit shown on Auto

The example farm belt conveyer circuit above consists of a 2 Position DPDT Maintained On-On toggle switch followed by a SPST Momentary Off/(On) Push Button in series with a 3 Position SPDT Momentary (On)-Off-(On) Center return toggle switch.

Although the Up/Dn switch in the schematic is a SPDT (O-F-O) I would use the DPDT listed below which provides an extra set of contacts for flexibility. For example a DPDT switched can be used for a SPDT, SPST or DPST circuit.

Auto/Insp Switch = 2 Position / 6 Terminal DPDT On-On
Gardner Bender GWS-15 DPDT On-On buy here
Ideal DPDT 774015 buy here

Enable Button = Momentary Push Button Off/(On) [Normally “OFF”, Push “ON” ]
Gardner Bender GSW-22 SPST (On)-Off buy here
Ideal 774022 SPST O-F buy here

Up/Down Switch = 3 Position / 6 Terminal DPDT Momentary On-1 / Off / Momentary On-2
Gardner Bender GSW-123 DPDT (On) – Off – (On) buy here
Ideal DPDT 774000 Momentary On/Off/Momentary On buy here

Below is an example of a discarded temporary run button rewired using all the available contacts for greater flexibility for a wide variety of uses including barn hoists, winches etc. The run button consist of SPDT Off On Rocker Switch, a SPST Off (On) Rocker Switch & a DPDT 3 position (On) Off (On) Rocker Switch.

Run Button
Electrical Schematic Circuit

Variable Power Supply Components

For in depth detail see DIY Variable P.S. post: coming soon and videos:

Inlet Module Plug Fused Switch Male Power Socket C14:
Computer Power Cord, 5-15P to C13:
Computer Power Cord Right Angle C13 Black:

C13 Panel Mount Plug Adapter 250V AC 10A (3 pcs):
C14 to C13 Power Cord 15A/250V, 14/3 AWG, IEC 60320 (Blk):
C14 Male C13 Female, 3 Terminals Power Socket Connectors (3pair):
Dual Ended Alligator Clips Test Lead Black & Red

AC 125V 15A Outlet 3 Terminals Panel Mount Power Socket (3pcs):
Panel Mount Glass Fuse Holder Quick Connect Terminals

72930-0 Pomona Panel Jack (Black):
72930-2 Pomona Panel Jack (Red)
72930-6 Pomona Panel Jack (Blue):

ZF/Cherry ON-OFF Round Rocker Switch:
APEM SPST-NO PushButton:
4PDT ON/ON 2 Position Toggle Switch

Type 10B POWERSTAT Variable Autotransformer (Variac)
Another brand I found on amazon:
Hammond 1182 Series Toroidal Transformer (need part number)
Shop Hammond Toroidal Transformers:

Dale RH-50 50W 1K ohm M1708 (resistor)
Shop 50W 1k Ohm resistors: 
TCI GBPC35-10 (bridge rect 35A 1000v)
NTE 1000v Bridge Rectifier:
Vishay 30u J 700v 1848S MKP F1736 (DC-Link Film Cap)
Shop PolypropyleneDC-Link Film Capacitors:


AC 0-300V Round Analog Panel Voltmeter Gauge:
DC 0-20mA Analog Panel AMP Meter 91C4:
DC 0-500V HUA Class 2.5 Black Round Voltage Panel.  Shop:

Sumnacon 4mm Banana Plug to Alligator Clip:
Sumnacon Banana to Banana Plug Test Lead Set:

SCR Tester components

Inlet Male Power Socket Fused Switch C14:
Universal Power Cord 5-15P to C13
DC 0-500mA Panel Gauge Class 2.5 85C1:
DC 0-2A Analog Panel Gauge  85C1

Amico 25W 500 Ohm Ceramic Tray Variable Wirewound Resistor Rheostat 
Amico 500 Ohm 50W Ceramic Wirewound Variable Resistor Rheostat 
Shop 500 Ohm 25W Variable Wirewound Rheostat:
Shop 500 Ohm 50W Variable Wirewound Rheostat:
APEM SPST-NO PushButton:
ZF/Cherry ON-OFF Round Rocker Switch:
Panel Mount Glass Fuse Holder:
Pomona Panel Jacks for Sheathed Plugs
72930-2 Red:
72930-6 Blue:
72930-0 Black:
72930-5 Green:
LEDs coming soon
Resistors coming soon

Power Supply Load Tester components

Old 25 Watt 0-100 ohm:

10pcs Terminal Binding Post Banana Plug Jack
25W 100 Ohm Rheostat:
10 Amp Toggle Switch:
Panel Mount Fuse Holder:

New 200 Watt 0-30 Ohm:

200W 30 OHM Wirewound Rheostat, Variable Resistor:
DC 0-10A 65C5 Round Analog Current Panel Meter:
DC 0-10A 85C1A Analog Current Panel Meter:
On/Off Toggle Switch 10-15 Amp
Panel Mount Glass Fuse Holder Quick Connect Terminals

Optional Digital Volt/Amp Panels:
LED Digital Voltmeter Ammeter, Mini DC Digital Multimeter 100V 10A:
LCD Digital Current Voltage Power Energy Meter DC 6.5-100V 0-100A

Misc Components

Work Bench

Just a toy, only used for ohms, low V and diode.
Digital Pocket Multimeter / DMM / (EM3081)

StarTech Right Angle DB9 Serial Cable Adapter Type 1 – M/F buy here

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Page 1:  General overview each Category
Page 2:  Connectors, Terminals & Wire
Page 3:  Switches, Pushbuttons & Relays
Page 4:  Circuit Breakers & Fuses
Page 5:  Power Supplies & Transformers 
Page 6:  Components Active & Passive
Page 7:  Work Bench, Test & Measurement
Page 8:  Project Components Lists 

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