Impossible Magnet?! Magnetic Levitator V2R2 Part 2

Impossible Magnet?! Magnetic Levitator V2R2 Part 2

Part 2 – Impossible Magnet?! Magnetic Levitator Version 2 Revision 2

Impossible Magnet?! Can magnets really do that?
Emily Gittemeier demonstrates the seemingly impossible as one magnet locks another magnet in space, trapping it from going up or down. It also repels both the north and south poles of another magnet.

While this magnetic configuration may seem impossible its not. A cool diy magnetic toy but the principle illustrated has many real world applications which will likely been seen in the near future.
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Some science and magnetic mumbo jumbo:   This MagLev device is a homemade Magnetic Levitator or Magnetic Levitator Classic. Its a Simple Magnetic Levitator that performs Simple Magnetic Levitation for performing Simple Magnetic Levitation Experiments. School Simple Magnetic Levitation Project and Magnetic Levitation Device allows for Magnetic Suspension. Do It Yourself Magnetic Levitation for the DIYer who wants DIY Magnetic Levitation in a DIY Magnetic Levitation Device or DIY Magnetic Levitation Platform see also DIY Magnetic Floating Display along with Simple DIY Magnetic Levitation for Homemade Magnetic Levitation. How To Magnetic Levitation to learn How To Magnetic Levitation Device and also How To Make Magnetic Levitation. See video How To Make Magnetic Levitation Device and also see video How To Create Magnetic Levitation to learn How To Build Magnetic Levitation.
Also search Maglev magnetic levitation, magnetic bearings or maglev bearing.
We are trying to build a Large Gap Magnetic Levitator to create the worlds biggest stable Large Gap Magnetic Levitation. So we started this Large Gap Magnetic Levitation Project and will be doing diy modification for Stable Magnetic Levitation. This Stable Levitation with Magnets is a cool magnetic science project.
We will be doing many projects and experiments with Magnetic Field Levitation and Levitation using Magnets. Many wonder How does Magnetic Levitation work? Do some magnetic research them build a Magnetic Levitation Science Project for use in a Magnetic Levitation Application.
Some call this magnetic devices Anti Grav, Anti Gravity Device or even Anti Gravity Lifter.
After seeing an anti gravity toy many children start and Anti Gravity Project for school.
Others search for an Anti Gravity Machine without magnets using Anti Gravity Technology.
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