Latest Magnetic Invention – Suspended Magnet Locked in Space

Latest Magnetic Invention – Suspended Magnet Locked in Space

Amazing New Magnetic Invention locks another magnet at a point in space. Our variation of the classic magnet ring levitator toy. While this is a fun fascinating magnetic demonstration, the magnetic principal employed here has many profound real world uses. This is accomplished with permanent magnets, no electromagnets.  

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Emily Gittemeier solving a Rubik’s Cube
Emily Gittemeier solving a Rubik’s 2×2

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Some science and magnetic mumbo jumbo:
This science magnetic project is a Hovering Magnetic Disc with shows a Magnetic Hovering Disc Demonstration version of a Magnetic Hovering Disc Experiment. See this Magnetic Hovering Disc Video of our Hovering Magnetic Disc Project.
Hovering Magnetic Disc and Hovering Magnetic Disc Project are pretty cool along with Hovering Magnetic Disc Experiments and Hovering Magnet Toy along with Floating Magnet Rings.
You learn How to make something levitate with magnets when doing a Levitating magnets science project or Floating magnet experiment. Floating magnet diy project.
If any questions just ask in the comments section not need to read the following.
Ryan Gittemeier and Kevin Gittemeier made this latest magnetic invention – magnetic discovery with neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets). Emily Gittemeier helped demonstrate it. Superstrong magnets, Rare Earth N42 and N52 neodymium magnets. First we had to purchase the neo magnets (Neo-Magnets) online after searching for the the best price for magnets specifically the best price for neodymium magnets, the worlds strongest magnets. After shopping for magnets we found there is no best price for magnets, super strong magnets are super expensive. After purchasing neodymium magnets online we realized we need many more magnets for our magnetic science experiment. We are currently looking for a neodymium magnet supplier or magnet manufacturer to sponsor us with free magnets or cheap magnets to help mitigate the cost of the science projects. Where is the best place to buy magnets? How to get magnets cheap? I have searched online for rare earth magnet suppliers and magnet distributers and requested full sponsorship with free neodymium magnets online or either coupon to purchase magnets (magnet coupon or magnet discount) or heavy discount on neodymium magnets because I need magnets cheap or bulk magnets cheap. If anyone knows how to get neodymium magnets free or how to get rare earth magnets free please share your secret to free magnets or cheap magnets bulk. If you know to to get a great deal on neodymium magnets or a big discount on neo magnets let me know because I am looking for the best deals on magnets.
To continue this project I will need wedge neodymium magnets, disc neodymium magnets and acr neodymium magnets. I need the worlds strongest n52 neodymium magnets arc magnets or whats referred to as motor magnets to make our outer housing on the magnetic levitator. I also need the strongest neodymium sphere magnets for the science magnetic project.
I need to buy strong magnets – strongest neodymium magnets. I need magnets and magnet suppliers, I need a source for the worlds strongest magnets. Finding rare earth magnets cheap or strong magnets cheap is not easy. I need more ring magnets of all different sizes and the strongest ring magnets available at the best prices for ring magnets. I need magnets cheapest price available for quality neodymium magnets. I need a magnet source, your best source in the magnetic field to purchase magnetic products. Who are the best magnet supplies because we need a neodymium magnet supplier. so someone tell me the best place to buy strong neodymium magnets online because I need a list of rare earth magnet prices.
This is our new magnetic invention using the latest magnetic technology. This magnetic science invention is a levitating invention you didn’t know existed.


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