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Rubik’s Cube Race

The two brothers (Justin Gittemeier & Ryan Gittemeier) and their little sister (Emily Gittemeier) race solving the Rubik’s Cube but Emily is just practicing the last later while her brothers do full solves.

At this time (07-2008) Emily didn’t know how to solve the whole Rubik’s Cube but a few weeks later she could see here: 3yo Solves Rubik’s

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How To Solve Rubik’s Cube Step by Step Full Tutorial and explanation

Once you have watched the Full Rubik’s Tutorial and are familiar with Rubik’s Cube basics & cube notation, for a reference see our shortened RECAP Rubik’s video focusing on the 7 Easy Steps to Solve a Rubik’s Cube.



2×2 Tutorial Finished!

How To Solve 2×2 Rubik’s Cube: So Easy A 3 Year Old Can Do It: 

2×2 Rubik’s Cube Beginner Tutorial



How To Solve Rubik’s Cube RECAP Video of 7 Easy Steps to Solve Rubik’s Cube


How to learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube, Practice – Emily Gittemeier



3 Year Old Solves Rubik’s Cube 2×2, Emily Gittemeier


The video has been demonetized and blocked by youtube.  No idea why.



3 year old solves Rubik’s Cube, Emily Gittemeier

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