DIY Magnetic Field Visualizer

How to see invisible magnetic field lines with this homemade Magnetic Field Line Viewer – 3D DIY.

If you don’t want to build your own diy 3D Magnetic Field Demonstrator many are available for purchase like the following: Amazon Affiliate Link

You can purchase the following from my Amazon Affiliate links or any similar products to make your own DIY Magnetic Field Viewer:

Flat Water Bottle:
Iron Filings:
Mineral Oil:
Bar Magnet:


Look for the “How To” Video. This homemade magnetic Field Visualizer is made from the following materials: Flat water bottle, Mineral oil, Washed Iron Filings (see our video on cleaning iron filings) Magnets -Neodymium, Alnico, etc can be bar magnets, horse shoe magnets, ring magnets or any kind of magnet you want to view the field. I need to purchase some good bar magnets online but for this demo you dont want them too strong.

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To make a better 3D Magnetic Field Viewer just add mineral oil to this
Dowling Magnets Mysterious Magnet Tube




See also our UV Glowing Mag Field Display

How To: DIY Magnetic Field Line Viewer – How To See Magnetic Fields




How To: DIY Magnetic Field Line Viewer makes seeing invisible magnetic field lines easy and fun. Look at our many other magnet line viewers including the immersed magnet version to see magnetic field patterns in 3D.

Why gloves? Glow Water Hidden Dangers:

Materials for DIY Magnetic Viewer

-Medium to suspend Iron particles:

Can use oils including mineral oil, baby oil, silicon oil, castor oil etc, syrups, corn syrup, Karo syrup, Honey, Glycerins or any viscous clear liquid.

-Iron particles: Iron filings or iron oxide powder (magnetite). Its best to pre wash the iron and different brands have different purities and cleanliness – see our video on washing and brands.

-UV reactive liquid or UV highlighter if you want your display to glow. *Note UV may not mix with all you suspension mediums like oils.

-Neodymium Magnets or Ceramic Magnets. Can get free neodymium magnets out of old hard drives and computer equipment:

Magnetic Field Visualizer – Large Ring Magnet Magnetic Fields


Using a Magnetic Field Visualizer to view the magnetic field lines of large ring magnets with a diy homemade magnet field line viewer. Large 3D magnetic viewer is made with mineral oil and iron filings. Check out our other videos for several different magnet field viewers.


  1. WPKevinG on October 5, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    3×3 Cube Easy Beginner Method Tutorial:
    2×2 Cube Easy Beginner Method Tutorial:
    2×2 Cube Intermediate Method Tutorial:

    Currently working on Megaminx Easiest Beginner Method

  2. Eli on April 17, 2021 at 7:47 pm


    I want to build the Magnetic Field Line Viewer but I wondered how you built the iron filings pick-up tool as I saw in your video at 1:33

    • Kevin Gittemeier on April 19, 2021 at 3:31 pm

      I can’t find the name of it or another like it to reference.
      I made a few iron filing magnetic pickups as see here at 4:40 mark: .
      Give me some time to find one and I will link it. If you want pics and material list on the ones I built let me know.

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