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Teardown Kone V3F25 Elevator Drive

A look inside as we teardown a Kone elevator drive V3f25. We want the large brick IGBTs for a “how to test” video¬† and the heat sink for some other projects. Kone V3F25 Elevator Drive: 1. KM713990G01 V3F25 DRIVE mODULE 40A REPLACED BY KM782999G01 1. KM713990G02 V3F25 DRIVE MODULE 80A REPLACED BY KM782999G02 2. KM725810G01…

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Elevator Cartop Traveling High Speed

A view of an elevator hoistway and elevator cables from the elevator cartop traveling high speed. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:  

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Elevator Cartop Ride 1,400 FPM

Riding on top of an elevator traveling 1,400 FPM 45 floors. Elevator hoistway, elevator ropes and counterweight viewed from the top of an elevator. Click here to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:    

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Best Portable Folding Utility Cart for Elevator Industry (IUEC)

Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart If there is a better folding work cart I would like to know. ¬†While I own several work carts I use this collapsible service cart in the elevator service department daily. This collapsible work cart is lightweight, compact, stores easily in my service van and even stores well on…

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