DIY Magnetic Laptop Shelf Variations & Improvements for Elevator Industry (IUEC)

How To Build a simple inexpensive portable DIY magnetic laptop computer shelf or laptop work station. These prototype magnetic shelves were designed and built to be light and compact for easy transport for field use in the elevator industry (IUEC). Elevator Tools.

Below I have listed the materials used in these builds and added our Amazon Affiliate links which we receive a small commission on if a purchase is made – so please purchase.

On the original magnetic laptop shelf I used two Mainstays 11” x 14.5” Poly Cutting Boards, a 12” piano hinge, Glow in the Dark Paracord and scavenged Hard Drive Magnets.

On subsequent models I used the same two cutting boards but instead of one 12” hinge I used two Everbilt 2-1/2” x 1-9/16” Hinges (any similar hinge will work). In place of paracord I used Loos Stainless Steel 302/304 Wire Rope Nylon Coated 1/16” OD which I liked much better and rather than hard drive magnets we used several different cup and bar pot magnets and we found the CMS Rectangular Pot Magnets worked best in conjunction with 16lb Ceramic Cup Magnets at the bottom – see video.


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List of materials used to build diy portable magnetic work station laptop shelf:

Neodymium rectangular Pot Magnets:

Round Neodymium Cup Magnets:

Round Ceramic Cup Magnets (16lbs):

11” x 14.5” Cutting Boards:

12” Piano Hinges:

Everbilt Middle Hinges:

Loos Stainless Steel Wire Rope Nylon Coated:

Paracord Glow in the Dark:

Gorilla Clear Contact Adhesive (glue):

We prefer the weaker 45lbs magnets bc the 88lbs are just a little too strong:

CMS Neodymium Rectangular Pot Magnets (45lbs):

CMS Neodymium Round Cup Magnets (88lbs):


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DIY Portable Magnetic Laptop Shelf Build Instructions & Material List:


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